Too Much hoopla?

Is it too much?  Too much hoopla?3


Reviewing our email box this morning, it was hoopla and hoopla and more hoopla.

You do know our name, List Hoopla, is on purpose.

In our early days we encountered too much hoopla.

It was impossible to know and do anything.

The testings reports are on purpose.

To clear the way, show the way, lead the way.

100% independent testing:  no partnerships, no ownership of, no buddy system of any kind.

And the rankings:  all stats, including raw traffic delivery, conversions, commissions paid, and more.

All that we do, all Your List Hoopla, is on purpose.

Simple.  Truth.  Rankings.

How can we best help you today?

The key to bountiful harvest is in referring others, building downlines, earning from many.
Promoting Your List Hoopla and getting signups is where the bountiful harvest is found.
And Oh Yes, List Hoopla Pro is 50% commissions, we love paying commissions.