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List Hoopla  |  Friday, September 2, 2022

Email Advertising Takeoff

A guide to the building and growing of your business! When everything seems to be going against you Remember the airplane takes off Against the wind! Not with it! That airplane has no chance of getting off the ground Unless it has some opposition. It has to go into the wind to lift into heights of possibility Think about opposition. The winds of opposition. The winds of adversity. When we come into them there are 3 possibilities. First it can drift us. The winds of opposition can get us off course. Drifting is never good. So if you are drifting during difficulties it is not good. Second it can sift us. Sifting can be very good! separate good from bad. Third the winds of opposition can lift us. They can take us to higher ground. So when faced with opposition! Running down the runway of life! Will you let that opposition to cause you to Drift? Sift? or Lift You? No more drifting!!! Yes sifting! Yes lifting! No drifting! Get a page like this free!