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Action! A doing! To discover, to learn, to build!

Reality; facts of existence.
Truth Authenticity Concreteness Genuineness Realness!

To achieve something great!
A great dream. A great cause.
The first thing you need is reality.

Reality is the foundation for your dream.

The bigger! the better! the Foundation!
The higher you can go!

So many people do not appreciate
What reality will do for them.
And what reality will bring to them.

You cannot go where you want to go
Until you know where you are.

Truth Authenticity Concreteness Genuineness Realness!

And there is no good in denying what is real!

So the next time! off to do something big!
First Ask: What kind of reality do you have?

Face reality on the front-end!
Then the possibility of building something big on the back-end.
People who kid themselves!
People who fool themselves!
People who never face themselves!

Never build anything big!!!

It just keeps crumbling on them.


Because they did not build on reality.

Start with the foundation!
See how high you can go!