Please do not think that because you have read this you have it.

What we have been speaking of requires years to obtain.

We are only giving you the directions; this is simply the map for you to follow.

Take it and sincerely practice it.

Do not think that tomorrow you will be an expert.


Review and Focus and seek to put them into practice.

Then repeat, and repeat, bountiful harvest.

List Hoopla Simplicity Statement

List Hoopla is a free traffic and commissions builder that helps anyone.
Simple Easy Instructions
Join each (free is okay) and use each to promote any website.
Simple Traffic Building Instructions
Use each to promote Your Hoopla!
  • The point is to get signups and earn referral rewards.
  • The goal is to build large amounts of ongoing daily traffic and commissions.
  • Use the traffic and commissions earned as you like, or leverage for building more.