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How To Use Safelist?

How To Use Safelist? – If not already, Join Free.

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Step One

We recommend 2 email accounts when joining and using Safelist, and only use these 2 email accounts exclusively for your Safelist participation. Gmail by Google is best, free, pop3 to your computer then delete works well.

How do we use Gmail, pop3 to our computer? Set your Gmail for pop3 to download email to your computer (to Outlook, Windows Mail, Thunderbird, etc). Our preference is check emails every 5 minutes while we are working online, and when we our Safelist gmail emails are downloaded, we have set gmail to then delete from gmail, rather than saving. On our computer end, we use Outlook, a folder setup for Safelist and a message rule for distribution.

Why 2 email accounts? Use 1 email account as your contact for the Safelist, the other for the list mailings. As a member of Safelist, you will receive hundreds to thousands of emails from members. Do not fret, they will receive your email advertising. And once you are done with the daily emails, delete.

But please note that we recommend using both of these 2 email accounts exclusively for your Safelist participation. Why? Because even your Safelist contact email will receive a fair amount of daily emails through what are called Solo Ads. No big deal, just be prepared.

Step Two

Spend time each day viewing Safelist emails, advertising, click the credit earning link found within each. The link will pull up a page, and after the timer has expired, move on to the next. By doing so you are earning credits which can be exchanged for sending your own email advertising to members.

How much time to spend on these Safelist ads? It is up to you. You get out what you put in. But keep in mind, Top Ranked Safelist generated some of the highest conversion rates anywhere online. If you lack time, then upgrade and/ or buy advertising. But whatever you do, participate because the harvest can be bountiful.

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Step Three

Set a schedule, make a game plan, upgrade when you can, stick with it. The key to Safelist Success is in building, step by step and day by day, consistent, diligence, ongoing, long term.

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